Planning Board Recap | March 13

At its meeting on March 13, 2024, the Town of Duck Planning Board conducted the following business:

  • The Board continued its review and consideration of potential amendments to Town standards for outdoor seating/waiting areas and restaurant parking standards.  In addition to the prior information provided, the Board members reviewed minutes regarding the establishment of standards for outdoor seating areas and corresponding parking requirements in 2011, parking/seating/occupancy information for existing restaurants in Duck, nationally accepted ratios for restaurant seating/square footage, and potential questions for a survey of businesses.  After thorough consideration, the Board decided against recommending any changes to the current standards.  The Board members also noted the difficulty of enforcing such regulations.
  • As part of its review of a 2024 Planning Trend report published by the American Planning Association and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the Planning Board looked at issues relating to looming climate impacts and adaption challenges.  Specifically, the Board members studied and discussed pending climate issues (such as sea level rise and the frequency/intensity of storms), how communities are addressing these issues, and future initiatives that could be considered by the Town of Duck.