Planning Board June 12 Meeting Recap

At its meeting on June 12, 2024, the Town of Duck Planning Board conducted the following business:

  • The Board members continued their review and discussion of existing allowances for lot coverage granted for pervious/semi-pervious groundcover on residential properties (such as pervious paving or artificial turf).  The Town’s consulting engineer, Mike Robinson, offered insights into different types of permeable products, including their installation and maintenance of these surfaces so that they maintain permeability over time.  After considering a variety of issues and alternatives, the Board members requested Community Development staff to prepare an initial draft ordinance that would have a 100% exemption in lot coverage for fully permeable driveway/parking surfaces (subject to maintenance agreements) and a lesser provision for permeable/semi-permeable materials used elsewhere on a lot (such as open decks, pervious pavers, or artificial turf).  The Board will continue its review of this issue at future meetings.
  • As part of its review of a 2024 Planning Trend report published by the American Planning Association and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the Planning Board learned about national trends surrounding climate mitigation including potential increases in federal funding, greater opportunities for climate mitigation/sustainability jobs and education, and local governments implementing best practices.
  • Community Development staff updated the Board about decisions made at the recent Town Council meeting, Town projects/grants, and hot topics from the virtual conference of the American Planning Association (including community engagement, resiliency/sustainability, and downtown revitalization).