Community Appearance Awards

Program Overview

To promote an aesthetic environment through the recognition of outstanding building and site design with an awards program that is based on preservation and stewardship of the Town’s unique character for present and future generations.


Community Appearance Awards are typically presented twice annually:

Annual Community Appearance Awards are presented in late spring/early summer to commercial establishments and subdivisions who best represent the Town’s unique character and brand.

Holiday Community Appearance Awards are presented in late November/early December of each year to recognize those commercial establishments, subdivisions, and homeowners who have decorated in the spirit of the holiday season.

Award recipients are selected based on nominations from the community at large, the Community Improvement Committee, and self nominations are encouraged.

The Community Improvement Committee will make the final selection of winners and may choose not to award a winner in each category. Additionally, the Committee reserves the right to combine or change categories and to award additional seasonal awards throughout the year as appropriate.