Beach Nourishment Update- May 19, 2017

Coastal Planning & Engineering, the Town’s coastal engineers, along with Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD), contractors for the Town of Duck project, made a presentation with project updates to the Town Council during the mid-month meeting on Wednesday, May 17. That presentation is available for viewing on the Town’s YouTube channel here. The projected schedule is described below. Please note that this is proposed and still subject to change.

Subline to pump sand onto the beach has been laid at Widgeon Drive and is ready for when the dredge Liberty Island arrives early next week. Operations for the Liberty Island are anticipated to begin Tuesday or Wednesday, May 23rd or 24th. The dredge will work north to approximately the area between Canvasback and Sprigtail Drive. Once complete, they will then take up the shore pipeline and start back at the Widgeon Drive subline and finish work to the Southern Boundary.

Subline has been laid near Ocean Bay Boulevard for use upon the arrival of the Dodge and Padre Island dredges, which are anticipated to arrive before the end of the month. They will start work north and will complete the northern boundary to the end of the taper. Upon completion of the taper, they will then remove the shore pipeline and return to Ocean Bay working south to approximately north of Sea Tern.

A third subline is to be installed at Diane Street for use by the Dodge and Padre Island dredges after completing construction north of Sea Tern. They will then work at Diane St. moving north to meet the completed work before removing that shore pipeline to work south from Diane Street and meeting up with the completed work by the Liberty, approximately the area between Canvasback and Sprigtail Drive. B

Illustrated maps are available for viewing on the Town’s website here and during the presentation video.