Beach Nourishment Update- June 6, 2017

As of today, June 6, all three dredges are operational and hard at work.

The Liberty Island dredge arrived back on-site June 5 and resumed dredging around 5:45 that evening. As of this morning, June 6, the construction zone for the Liberty Island was widened to just north of access at the South end of Bufflehead to approximately 133 S. Snow Geese Dr.

The Padre and Dodge Islands continue to take turns pumping south from the Ocean Bay Blvd. subline. The active construction zone extends approximately Ocean Bay Blvd. to just south of Carrol Dr.

The third subline is installed at Dianne St. and ready for use when the Dodge and Padre Islands complete work with the Ocean Bay subline.

Please see the Project map for the active construction and completed zones.