Beach Nourishment Update- June 21, 2017

Crews are still working on the Dianne St. subline to correct a mechanical issue. The Dodge Island is making its way back to Duck to resume work, anticipated to resume later this evening. The construction zone for this area remains between approximately 113 Bufflehead Rd. and 127 Mallard Dr.

GLDD is currently demobilizing the Liberty Island site for it to begin work in Kill Devil Hills. They are moving as much equipment as possible off the beach while stockpiling the rest at the south end of the taper near 133 Spindrift Ln. While the beach and accesses are open at this end, please stay clear of the equipment and obey all signage. The beach is still closed between Wood Duck Rd. and 149 Bufflehead Rd., but we anticipate this section will be opened some time this evening.

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to GLDD and the Liberty Island crew for all the work that they put in completing the southern end of the project!


   Thank you to the Army Corps of Engineers for the photo taken from their Research Pier of the beach progress to date