Beach Nourishment Update- June 16, 2017

The Liberty Island is still pumping to the south and expected to complete that end by tomorrow. They will then flip the shore pipe and pump north from the Widgeon St. subline until ready to mobilize to Kill Devil Hills. The active construction zone for this area is approximately between 123 Spindrift Ln. and the FRF boundary.

The Dodge and Padre Islands continue making progress working north at the Dianne St. subline. Their active construction zone is between approximately 123 Dianne St. and the north end of Quarterdeck Dr. Beach goers in this area can walk along the constructed dune to the open beach. Please use caution and obey all signage in the area.

Please be aware that the subline is still in place at the Ocean Bay Blvd. access. Please stay clear of the fenced off area.