Beach Nourishment Project Area Map

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2022 Planned Project Area
Scheduled for April 2023

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2023 Pre-Construction Plans

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2017 Nourishment Project

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Project Map & Timeline (PDF)

The Liberty Island dredge arrived in the Town of Duck on Tuesday, May 23 and commenced operations around 10:20 p.m. with pumping onto the beach happening around 11:30 p.m.. The project proceeded north to complete the first 20 feet of the beach and then flipped to work south near the Widgeon Drive subline. The Liberty Island continued to pump south and completed the southern end of the project area on June 17.

The Liberty Island began working north on June 17 from 141 Buffelhead Road. The Liberty Island dredge continued north until 127 Mallard drive, where the dredge completed it’s portion of construction on June 22.

The Dodge Island dredge arrived on-site May 29 and began pumping operations around 6:30 p.m. from Ocean Bay Blvd, moving south to build a pad to store equipment. The Padre Island dredge arrived on-site June 1 and began the construction of a pad for equipment. The equipment pad was completed on June 2 and the dredges started working North from Ocean Bay Blvd, to finish the northern end of the project area with the taper on June 5.

The Dodge & Padre Island dredges began working south on June 5 and the subline at Dianne St was installed. On June 10, the transition from the Ocean Bay Blvd subline to the Dianne St subline began.

Construction began on June 11 at the Dianne St subline to build the equipment pad. The pad was completed on June 12 and the pumping started moving north. On June 14, the dredges moved back to the southern end of the Ocean Bay Blvd subline to finish pumping south to reach where the Dianne St subline would meet. One June 15, they finished the Ocean Bay Blvd subline area and moved back to Dianne street to complete the southern end of the subline area.

The Dodge & Padre Island dredges began moving north on June 21 to meet up with the completed section from the Liberty Island dredge and the Widgeon Rd subline.

The project was completed June 29, 2017.

Red: Liberty Island

Green: Dodge Island and Padre Island