Post Construction Beach Profile Surveys Being Conducted

Post construction beach profile surveys are being conducted along the Town of Duck, Southern Shores, Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk to document construction achievements and establish a baseline for future monitoring. Surveying of each beach profile includes a topographic survey of the dune, berm, and foreshore section of the beach, while a bathymetric survey is conducted for the offshore portion of the profile. The topographic portion will be conducted with land based crews that will use survey grade GPS to measure the elevations from the landward side of the dunes out to a safe wading depth. The bathymetric surveys are conducted from a survey vessel. A minimum of 50 ft. of overlap between the topographic and bathymetric surveys provides quality control and quality assurance of the survey. This requires that the boat get inshore at least 50 feet landward of where land crews are able to wade out to. This results in the survey vessel operating very near to the shore at times.