Beach Nourishment Project Update – November 8, 2017

Town Council approved a budget amendment at their November regular meeting to allow for the installation of a second row of sand fencing in the nourishment area.  The hope is to capitalize on the abundant sand source while the wind is consistently blowing in the fall and winter months.

Staff has recommended a second row approximately 15 feet east of the dune crest.  This will hopefully result in sand dropping between the two rows of the Town installed fencing.  This distance will also allow individual owners to further supplement with additional fencing between these rows, should they so choose.

You can expect to see our sand fence contractor beginning early next week, weather permitting, to install this second row.  The additional sand fence installation is not be expected to impact the fall/winter contracted American Beach grass plantings or the supplemental planting that is expected to occur through our volunteer based program.  This combination approach of fencing and planting is ideal and will reap the most benefits.