Duck State Roads

The following streets/roads are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transporation (NCDOT). Please note that the cul-de-sacs emanating from these streets (unless otherwise noted) are not the state’s maintenance responsibility. All streets in Duck that are not state streets are “private”. The Town of Duck does not own any streets.

Road Number
Duck Street or Road
12 Duck Road
1287 Algonkian Drive
1473 Buffell Head Road
1476 Canvas Back Drive
1409 Christopher Drive/Ocean Way
1408 Dianne Street
1518 Dune Road
1474 Old Squaw Drive
1478 Pintail Drive
1417 Plover Drive
1297 Poteskeet Drive
1293 Seabreeze Drive
1484 Sea Hawk Drive East
1469 Sea Hawk Drive West
1519 Speckled Trout Drive
1475 Sprigtail Drive
1410 Teresa Court
1192 Uppowac Street
1425 Wampum Drive
1479 Widgeon Drive
1477 Wood Duck Drive