Getting Married in Duck

Duck’s Wedding Event Registration Policy

The Town of Duck has a wedding registration policy. For information on the policy and the registration form to complete, click here.

The purpose of this registration is to provide awareness for event planners, participants, neighborhoods, property owners, and town officials for all upcoming wedding-related events so that careful consideration and planning can be given to safety, parking, noise, signage, and other impacts on the community. It is the Town of Duck’s desire to see that all events are carefully planned to ensure the enjoyment of the participants, while also limiting the potential for negative impacts that may be caused by such events if not carefully planned.

A wedding-related gathering is defined as 50 or more people in a private residence in the Town of Duck. Examples include pre- and post-wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, and brunches. The Town of Duck will not reserve any Town Park or Boardwalk facilities for wedding-related events or activities. 

All wedding-related events must be registered with the Town of Duck Department of Community Development at least thirty (30) days before the event dateThe purpose for providing thirty (30) day notice is to allow the bride/groom and/or the planner to make arrangements for typically problematic details like parking and shuttle services given the nature of the outer banks and Duck in particular.  Please note, there is no public parking along streets throughout Duck.

This registration will provide appropriate information for notification of property owners, neighborhood associations, and public safety personnel, and will also provide contact information for the responsible parties, preferably a wedding planner or a contact other than the bride or groom, who could be contacted during the event so that we can reach you, if necessary, during the event with a minimum of disruption.

For additional information on getting married in the Outer Banks, please visit:


Please contact the town at 252.255.1234 or at if you have any questions.